Who we are

Rosie Tomkins

Founder of Natural Capital Consultants Ltd

Rosie TomkinsUndoubtedly Rosie’s greatest gift to the business arena, is her entrepreneurial flair and creative leadership skills. She started her own lifestyle company, which she successfully led as Managing Director for over 10 years. It offered adventure, sporting breaks and specialist holidays to both high-worth individuals and corporate clients.

Rosie then researched and pro-actively targeted likely buyers, with the positive outcome of negotiating the sale of her business to one of the UK’s fastest moving and dynamic PLC’s. She was subsequently invited to join the board of directors and launched an innovative range of products nationwide to over 120,000 members across 42 health clubs.

SONY DSCThroughout her career Rosie has amassed a comprehensive knowledge of learning philosophies, technologies as well as experiencing the practical implementation. Throughout her busy career and family life, Rosie has always had a life-long love of horses, and plays competitive Polo. It was from the fusion of these two worlds that the idea for “Natural Capital” germinated. Her curiosity led her to investigate how horses could assist people to be better leaders in the business arena and in their own personal lives. This extensive knowledge of horses and entrepreneurial skill makes Natural Capital a unique offering, and is truly life-changing for people from all walks of life.

Caroline Ferguson

2014-06-11 15.40.37Caroline’s extensive background in exhibition, conference and event management has given her insight to an enormous range of industries, organisations and cultures.  She partners this wealth of experience with a clear headed, yet imaginative ability to develop successful strategies and creative problem solving for organisations, teams and individuals.  Many years in building high performing teams and business units means that Caroline has also investigated and has experience of many styles of training and business development.

From starting as a sales person, running a large international marketing department, heading a business acquisition team, then becoming Managing Director of a major exhibition and conference business and ultimately to running her own consultancy business, Caroline has always taken every opportunity to embrace new learning and insight into creative and inspired leadership, and business development, which lead her to Natural Capital.

Caroline is married to a successful event rider, (and senior manager at a leading FMCG business) so knows well the power of equine learning.  However it was the immediate application of this learning to business and personal performance that Caroline believes is unique. Her expertise is invaluable in helping clients utilise their learning and maximise the value of the insights they have gained on our programmes.