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penguin leadersUnleash your true potential
Are you the leader of the herd?

Sometimes ‘leadership’ isn’t easy. We all want to be good ‘leaders and team players’, but with the best will in the world we start to lose our patience. We’ve all been there – you have a great idea, and you know what to do. It all sounds so easy on paper, but when it really comes down to it can you get everyone to see the dream you have and pull with you to make it happen, no matter how tough it gets?

At Natural Capital, we’ve got a new way to show you how to master leadership yourself first. We’ll show you how your influence can have everyone pointing in the same direction with subtlety and persuasion. Our unique approach uses the ultimate training teams – our horses. You won’t be able to cut corners with your leadership here – you’ll learn how to harness your innate skills, your inner strengths and natural energy to effect change. Our horses will bring out your hidden charisma and self-confidence, and develop your skills in persuasion, patience, and leadership. Our horses don’t lie – if you want an honest appraisal of your leadership skills, look no further! Get it right, and you’ll experience something amazing. There’s nothing like it – winning the respect, co-operation and loyalty of these amazing animals without force, without fancy words, and with only the natural tools you already have.

What will you learn ?

  • A quiet confidence in your ability to lead
  • To use your natural energy
  • Increased practical creativity
  • Be reunited with your enthusiasm and spirit for challenge and advancement

After just one day, you’ll know what natural leadership abilities you can bring out, and the which skills you need to learn. You’ll be able to identify if there are areas and behaviours that have been letting you – and your teams – down.

You’ll have a personal leadership profile, and you will know which development programs would address your specific needs. Best of all, after one day with our horses, we can promise you’ll never look at a ‘challenge’ in the same way again!

A leader doesn’t just get the message across……..a leader is the message.”

– Warren Bennis