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Are you ready to climb the mountain?

Shift is all about investment in yourself, taking responsibility of self and your immediate environment. It is important to build an awareness of pre-cognitive sensations, energy blocks, emotions and natural laws. You will see how these elements impact on our life energy source and in mapping the bigger picture. Outstanding leaders value ongoing learning, they know that having a clear understanding of themselves and their motivation will help others, and that leadership is not some end- game destination but a process of becoming .

On this course you will be guaranteed transformation, not only in the way you perceive yourself but on how you view others. You’ll learn not to fear or distrust your “spiritual capital,” but how to embrace it and channel it. You’ll discover new ways of interpreting the world around you to help you respond with positive energy and passion. We aren’t going to teach you to restrain your emotions, but instead how to understand and channel your reactions into productive and powerful reactions. How do our horses help? Horses have no reason to hide or suppress their emotions; they respond freely and openly to the world around them. Working with our horses, you will discover how to share in their freedom, understand your natural reactions to the world around you, and learn how to turn those reactions into positive energy. After this course, you’ll be amazed at how productive and successful you can be if you can apply your passion – your spiritual capital – to achieving your ambitions!

What you will learn –

  • The importance of investing in yourself to maximize and maintain your physical and spiritual capitals.
  • How emotions generate energy, and how to channel this energy for positive results
  • How to build your capacity to trust others and your instincts, which will transform into creative energy and achieve success.
  • Why people react to their environment in different ways

At the end of this course you will be able to tap into energy that you thought was lost forever. You’ll understand why you – and others – react the way you do and how to turn those reactions into positive energy and motivation. The passion you release will generate new productivity, new creativity, and a reborn confidence, that will not only help you reach your goals and ambitions, but will inspire others to come with you!

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

– Edmund Hilary