Communication Programme

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Do they hear you?

Relationships describe our interactions with other people, with organizations, with the world around us. Sometimes these interactions are vibrant, inspiring, and positive, and other times they can be destructive and confrontational. What determines how a relationship will function? Can you control the outcome of any given connection?


In this course you’ll discover how your values, your instinctive reactions, and your conditioned behaviours affect how you communicate with others in different contexts. This is what we call your (social capital.) Understanding how to manage social connections and send a clear and persuasive message is at the root of leadership – and we’ll show you how you how by being authentic you will be equipped to achieve this naturally time after time.

You’ll use your ‘social capital’ to communicate without language, to try to persuade the horses that you are authentic in your vision, to follow your guidance, and ultimately to win their respect and commitment. You’ll discover where your personal capital affects your communication, and how to overcome ineffective behaviours and enhance effective ones. Our horses will give you instant feedback on your progress, and by the end of the course you will look at relationships in a whole new light!

What you will learn –

  • A better understanding of your natural interactive styles, and how they are interpreted and translated by different recipients
  • A recognition of how your behavior changes in different contexts, such as work, family, or community interactions, and whether these changes are truly effective and authentic
  • An understanding of your different ‘languages’ – how tone, body movements, eye contact and above all your energy and intent.

At the end of this course you will be able to evaluate your own communication styles – you’ll understand what drives you to use certain behaviours, why certain interactions work better than others, and you’ll see how subtle changes can have big effects. Our horses will show you how to take control of your different ‘languages’, and you’ll discover new powers to persuade, motivate, and inspire!

Communication works for those who work at it.”

– John Powell