What is going to happen after the NC course?
NC focuses on 3 main aspects.

  • Strengthening the innate leadership skills of participants
  • Deepening awareness of personal impact on others
  • Freedom to experiment in a safe environment fostering a culture of creativity

We achieve this by creating an internal awareness of who they are and how they function within a team. This means that the participants will have a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues, creating positive energy in the workplace conducive for employees passionate about the success of the organisation.

Is it justified to take the whole day out of the office for this course?
Participants of NC courses will emerge with renewed passion for their jobs and responsibilities. This passion will increase productivity and justify a day away from the office. It is an investment of their time for higher returns in the near future onwards. It is especially relevant at present, when many organisations are looking to downsize due to financials restraints. Participants of NC courses will become an optimal performance employee, which means fewer redundancies.

What should we expect from attending an NC courses?
NC courses focus on enhancing the skills of participants in engaging with their team. Those who have gone through our courses explicitly state that they have experienced a change in the way they coordinate their teams. Over a period of time, this change in attitude, communication and relationship will help to foster a work environment that is healthy for the whole organisation. It is important to note that different participants process the courses differently. Some will be able to understand it immediately, while others might need some time before they fully comprehend our content.

Will I finish the course with different beliefs and values that will lead them to leave the organisation
What NC does is align participants with themselves so that they can work better wherever they are in a given situation. Individuals work best when they are congruent with themselves, this does not adversely affect their relationship with their organisation.

What should I wear?
As a lot of the work we do is with horses and often outside, please wear clothes that are suitable for the weather.  Shoes or boots should be sturdy and no high heels or open top/toes please.  Wear sunscreen during the warmer months.

Do I have to ride the horses?
No, all the work we do with horses is on the ground.  There is no riding involved.

Horses are large powerful animals – am I going to be safe?
We take responsibility for the horses, you take responsibility for yourself.  No animal is 100% predictable, but we work with experienced horses and handlers.  We will teach you a small amount of horsemanship so you can be safe.

All Facilitators are confident in handling horses.  There will be protective barriers between you and the horses if you are nervous.  You are of course expected to behave appropriately and if requested by Facilitators or horse- handlers to stop an activity or leave the arena you must do this immediately, as it will be for your own safety.

Is lunch included?
Yes, we will provide coffee/tea and biscuits on arrival.  Lunch will be provided – served outside if the weather is good- and afternoon tea and cakes will be offered later in the day.  You will be asked about any special dietary requirements in your booking documents.

I’m very nervous about horses – do I have to handle them?
No, although all the exercises are done by choice, although we find that the majority of delegates who are nervous, do choose the handle the horses at some point during the day.  There is significant learning from observing your colleagues taking part.

Why do you use horses?
We will cover this in more detail on the day,but learning how to develop respect, trust and how to communicate with these magnificent natural leaders and communicators simulates real-life situations with people and provides instant, honest and non-judgmental feedback